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Yes, we are fully licensed. We hold all the required and necessary licenses for a landscaping company in Illinois.
Yes. We are covered for workers compensation, liability and motor vehicle.
Yes. All company employees who drive a motor vehicle are in a random drug & alcohol-testing program.
Our Design, Build & Install clients are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Our scheduling for Maintenance customers depends on where there residence lies in our weekly route.
No - we would love to meet with you on your property to discuss your landscaping needs with you. It is part of our job! We offer free estimates for all of our services - Building, Installation & Maintenance.


Absolutely! We provide services to retail stores, commercial buildings, home owner associations, churches, private schools, non-profit buildings and more. We can also combine landscaping services with snow removal & ice management services to maintain your property year round.
Generally, we service our properties in the overnight hours. We also service during business hours, depending on timing of the storm.
We service the property, then come back for additional services and cleanup after hours.


Yes, we can install and service both residential and commercial systems. Please call for more information at, 630-766-4113.
No, it is not necessary.
It is a great investment and very efficient. Think of a sprinkler system as substituting Mother Nature during dry conditions. During this time, it can free you from hours of watering as well as ensure proper moisture to turf and plants. To be effective though, it would have to be properly installed and maintained. Installing an underground automatic sprinkler system isn't a one and done deal. They require seasonal servicing and periodic water-schedule changes as conditions arise, but it’s still a lot easier then dragging out the hose!


You have made a significant investment in your landscaping and it should be properly cared for all-year-round through a professional lawn and plant maintenance program. Weekly lawn mowing doesn’t just make your landscape look nice, it also helps keep the grass, plants, and soil healthy. Most importantly, a maintenance program will protect your investment!
Pricing for a landscape maintenance program varies from site to site. Getting a proposal is simple though; simply call us for a free consultation at (630-766-4113). From there, we will survey your site, assess the property’s needs, and develop a proposal that is customized to your specific circumstances.
Services that come with all of our maintenance programs include: Spring Cleanup, Weekly Mowing, a 5 Application Fertilizer and Weed Control, and Fall Cleanup. Other maintenance services that we offer and are completely optional include: Power Rake, Spring Aeration, Trimming Once per Season, Grub Control, and Fall Aeration. All of our maintenance programs are tailored to each of our customers' needs!
Yes, weekly services begin at the end of April or beginning of May, and finish at the end of October with the fall cleanup completed in November.
Maintenance services are billed on the 15th of every month, from April through November, in equal installments.
Each property/project is led by a foreman that manages the work being completed at each visit. The foreman is also there to address any questions that the customer has.
We sharpen our blades weekly, leaving your lawn to looking great!
Yes, we offer shrub pruning with our maintenance services. Pruning/trimming is to be done once per year, around mid-summer.
Yes, we do. We can provide a customized service plans based on your needs and budget. Call us for a free consultation! 630-766-4113
Yes. We can install spring bulbs, summer annuals, fall mums and more.
Mulch helps with weed control, retaining moisture, preventing soil erosion. Is also polishes up your property providing a better curb appeal.
Mulch on annuals or perennials should be limited to one to two inches. One key difference from ornamentals, is that annuals and perennials like loose soil. So too much of mulch is not good.
We recommend to water (03) three times a week.
We offer a (05) five application fertilization and weed control option to all of our contracted maintenance customers.